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Upload products from Alibaba Dropshipping with Syncee - OVERVIEW
Upload products from Alibaba Dropshipping with Syncee - OVERVIEW
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If you wish to upload products from the Alibaba Dropshipping Site as well, just follow the steps below:

Selecting the products on Alibaba Dropshipping

  1. Go to the Alibaba section of the Marketplace

  2. Click on Search Products

  3. Click on Go to Dropshipping site

    1. You will be redirected to the website

  4. Start a search by using the built-in search engine or just start browsing the products

  5. Choose the Ship to country to where you wish to have the suppliers send the orders

  6. Click on the product you like to check the product details

  7. Click on Add to Import list

    1. If you do not wish to check the product details, you do not need to open it, you can directly click on the Add to Import list button

  8. Once added, a confirmation window will pop up saying Import Completed with the Syncee logo and an OK button you can click on

  9. Once you have finished browsing and have added products to your account, head back to Syncee and check them in your Import List

Import list

The Import List is where we collect all products that you have added from Alibaba Dropshipping

You can find it under the Marketplace -> Alibaba -> Import list menu.

  • You will see every product listed there and you can Edit them one-by-one before adding them to your catalogs.

  • Once you are finished editing the products, you will need to add them to a catalog

    • Add them one-by-one - click on the Add to catalog button

    • Add them in bulk - Tick the checkbox next to the 'Product' in the upper left corner of the product information box

  • Please note, that the products can be added to one catalog only, and if they were already added to one, you will not be able to add them again

  • If you added a product to the Import list but decided not to upload them to your store, you can remove them by clicking on the Remove from import list button

Alibaba Shipping information

If you wish to check the shipping fees and time for an product, you have two ways to do that:

  • In Alibaba when you check the product

    • You will see the information among the product details

    • On the right side of the page, you will see the default shipping option but by clicking on the Change option, you can select a shipping method

  • In the Import list menu in Syncee

    • Under the Variants tab of the products, there is a Calculate shipping option

    • Clicking on it a destination country and the product quantity can be added

    • Click on the Calculate button to see the available shipping method

    • You can select the one you wish to use there

Catalog - uploading the products to the store

The catalog itself contains the products you wish to import to your store, which are collected into catalogs from the Import List. This is where you can upload the products to your store.

You can find the catalogs under the Marketplace -> Alibaba -> My Catalogs menu.

You can do the following in the catalog to suit your needs:

  1. Change what the catalog does in different scenarios

  2. Choose what should be kept updated by the catalog in the Catalog settings

  3. Map the categories to your collections

  4. Set your pricing

Once you have set up your catalog as you wish, you just have to click on Sync to start uploading the products to your store

Should you have any questions or need any assistance, let us know via the in-app chat or e-mail at

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