In some cases, the products' variants (option names and values) needed to be modified, if the supplier does not provide the data in the language we prefer in our store.

It means we need a translation.

It can be done easily in bulk under the tab "Variant renaming" of the related catalog.

However, it is very essential to emphasize that you need to complete these steps before you decide to upload the products.

Just go to "My catalogs" on the left and choose your catalog that contains the variants you wish to modify.

On the new page, choose the Variant renaming tab:

There you can modify the name of the variant by typing the required name into the empty field:

Would you like to change the value of your variants as well?

Just switch to "Variant value" on the left and fill the empty field with the required information. Let's see an example:

As you can see on the screenshot, the options’ unique values can be found on the left, and you have the opportunity to rename them on the right to the required language, so you do not need to do it anymore in your store.

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