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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to the most common questions about Syncee.

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How to move products between catalogs
How to claim your FREE Trial?
What is a Syncee Catalog?
What is Syncee's refund policy?
How to change the default currency on our Marketplace?
How to complete the category mapping?
WooCommerce system requirements
Why do the orders not show up under the Orders menu?
Why do I see a lock icon in my catalog?
Squarespace product per page limit
How to work with vidaXL via Syncee?
How are currencies converted?
Kmo shops plan limit
What should I do if the inventory quantity is 0 of my newly uploaded products?
Why has the supplier not replied to me, yet?
Which product data is allowed to rename in your store?
How to add a review for a Supplier?
Shopify Variant Creation API Limits
Plan limit for Ecwid by Lightspeed
What is Price and Retail Price in the Marketplace?
How to archive orders?
How are the orders' invoices managed?
How to update images?
How to upload products to eBay/Amazon/Etsy?
Product returns and refunds
How long does the shipping take?
How to import products of VIP Suppliers to my store? (for retailers)
How to get the Activation Code for VIP Suppliers (for retailers)
Where can I set up my shipping rates?
Can I have my logo on the packaging?
Do I need to wait until my DataFeed task is finished running?
How many stores can be connected to a Syncee account?
The shipping prices of a supplier can not be found. Why is that?
How can the suppliers' reviews be checked?
Can I subscribe without having a store?
Can I order products from the Syncee Marketplace directly?
Who are the Premium suppliers?
Where can I check if the supplier fulfilled the order?
Amazon FBA
Can I exclude a supplier from the search results?
Whose details should be added in the Orders Billing and Orders Shipping information sections?
Do the prices shown on the Marketplace include shipping?
Where I can find GTIN number for the products?