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With auto-order enabled, you will receive your retailers' orders in Syncee directly to your store.

Once a retailer pays for one or more orders through Syncee to your PayPal or Stripe account, the order will be automatically forwarded to your store as a "Paid" "Unfulfilled" order.

If you open the order in your store admin, you can check the date, the billing data, the amount, and also the memo (syncee order number) to indentify the transaction of the order.

Here is an example of a case of a Shopify store with the Retailer Domain and Syncee Order ID highlighted:

If you need to find this order in your Syncee account, just go to "Manage orders" menu in Syncee and copy the Snycee Order ID into the search bar:

Once you have fulfilled the order from your store and have a tracking number, please enter it into your order in your store admin. Syncee will send this to the retailer's store if you provide dropshipping service.

Please note that Syncee does not handle the payments of the orders. It goes through PayPal or Stripe directly from the retailer to the supplier.

Here you could find an example of how this should look in real life:

  1. You have a product you would like to sell for $10 (+$2 shipping) to retailers. We load this product into the Syncee Marketplace.

  2. The product will appear in the Marketplace where retailers add it to their store with their margin of $5, resulting in the retailer store price of $15.

  3. A customer buys the product in your retailer's store for $15, and it will appear in his Syncee account. The retailer pays $12 (price + shipping) for the order through PayPal or Stripe in Syncee and you receive this via your PayPal or Stripe account.

  4. The order shows up in your store admin as a Paid and Unfulfilled order with the retailer’s billing address and the retailer's or the customer’s shipping address depending on whether you are a dropshipper or a wholesaler for them.

  5. You send the product to the given shipping address and enter the tracking number in your store admin.

  6. Syncee will synchronize this tracking number over to the retailer's store under the order in his/her store so that they could follow where the parcel is if you provide Dropshipping service to this retailer. (Please note that the tracking number will not be found in Syncee, but the at orders.)

Please note: Syncee just uploads the paid orders to your store. For example, any other necessary steps (shipping the product, adding the tracking number, and fulfilling the order) are your responsibility as a supplier.

If you add the tracking number on the order admin page, we will synchronize them back to your retailers' order.

If a retailer wants to change the order (e.g., shipping address), it should be done through your store admin. After the retailer paid the order, we cannot apply any changes in the order details.

Should you have any questions or need any assistance, let us know via the in-app chat or e-mail at suppliers@syncee.co.

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