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As Syncee is only a virtual fulfillment service center, we do not handle the products themselves or the shipping. Therefore, we always recommend contacting the suppliers directly regarding shipping-related inquiries, just to make sure that every upcoming question is discussed before you start selling their products. Shipping is always unique and may vary from supplier to supplier.

If you are checking the products on our Marketplace, and just wish to have a look at the shipping conditions of the supplier, you can do that easily:

1. From the Search Products menu:

  • Select a product you wish to check

  • Open the Shipping drop-down you see above the price of the product

    • You will see it here if free shipping is offered

    • The list of some of the countries they ship to will be displayed

  • Click on the 'click here' option in 'For more information click here' section

    • You will be directed to the page where all the countries and regions will be listed with the applicable shipping times and fees.

      • If only the shipping time is displayed for an auto-order supplier, it means that the supplier offers free shipping

2. From the Find suppliers menu:

  • Search for the supplier whose information and products you wish to check

  • You will see the shipping information of the supplier below their name

  • Click on Catalog and Supplier details to see the complete list where they ship to and the relevant shipping times and fees

    • If the supplier has more catalogs, you will see a Supplier details option

  • Scroll down to the Shipping information section

    • You will see the shipping times and fees for each region

Please note, If the supplier uses our auto-order feature, these will be the exact shipping costs and times, however, if the supplier does not use this feature, these details are only indicative, therefore we strongly advise discussing the fees with the supplier, thus avoiding any future inconvenience.

Should you have any questions or need any assistance, let us know via the in-app chat or e-mail at

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