Handling returns and refunds
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We value your partnership and want to ensure a smooth and transparent process for handling returns and refunds. As Syncee is not involved in the trading process between suppliers and retailers, please read this guide to understand how to manage these scenarios effectively.

  1. Return Process

    1. If a retailer requests a return for a product, please engage with them promptly and understand the reason for the return.

    2. Respond to any inquiries or concerns the retailer may have regarding the return based on your own policy.

    3. If you agree to the return, provide the retailer with a return authorization and any necessary instructions.

  2. Refund Process

    1. Refunds should be issued through your connected payment provider (PayPal or Stripe) account, not from your online store admin.

    2. Follow the steps provided by your payment provider to issue a refund

    3. Keep the retailer informed about the status of the return and the estimated time for processing the refund.

Keep in mind!

Syncee does not mediate the refund process, therefore it is your responsibility to handle these transactions directly from your connected payment provider's account.

Should you have any questions or need any assistance, let us know via the in-app chat or e-mail at suppliers@syncee.co.

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