How to archive orders?
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In Syncee, you have the option now to archive your old orders from your order list.

  1. Go to the Orders menu

  2. Click on the Syncee Order Number of the order you wish to manage

    1. The order will open where you can check the details

  3. Click on the Archive order option in the top right section of the page

  4. A warning message will pop up that you are about to archive an order, just click on Confirm there

The order will be labelled with an Archived badge and will be moved to the Archived section in your Orders menu. There, you can check the orders any time you wish.

Once done, the Archive order option will change to Unarchive order where, if needed, you can unarchive the order. The process will be the same as for it as well, the above steps can be followed for it.

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