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What is Syncee's refund policy?
What is Syncee's refund policy?
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At Syncee, we work hard on providing plans for all needs. That is why we offer unique plans for everyone's needs:

Learn about our plans below:

With our free Starter plans, you can browse among 8 million+ dropshipping products on Syncee Marketplace, and collect what you love in different catalogs.

We offer a 14-day trial for all monthly plans.* During the trial period, you can try out Syncee to its fullest potential without any commitment.

Before the end of your trial period, you can choose to cancel your subscription or stay on your chosen plan. Should you stay on your current plan, your subscription and billing will continue until you have downgraded back to our free starter plan and the charge will be applied 14 days after the trial has been activated.

Learn more about canceling your subscription HERE.

Please note that Syncee will not honor a refund request or reversal request of the charges for any subscriptions beyond the 14-day trial period or from any Annual plans. Your plans can be canceled at any time, however, we do not refund or prorate unused parts of a subscription. If you cancel your subscription, it will not auto-renew, but you will retain access until the end of your subscription period.

*If you run your store on Wix, the free trial is not available.

For more information on Syncee's Fees and Payment Terms, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

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