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How to check the recommended price margin?
How to check the recommended price margin?

This article shows how you can check the recommended price margin of the supplier.

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In Syncee, you can set your own price margin for your products, by following THIS guide. However, every supplier provides an SRP (Suggested Retail Price) as well, and a price margin that you can use. You can check this in the following ways.

1. From the Search Products menu:

  • Click on a product you wish to import

  • Drag the mouse over the Profit field without clicking on it

    • The recommended margin will show up

2. From the find Suppliers menu:

  • Search for the supplier you wish to work with or just check the list of suppliers in the categories

  • Click on the Catalog and Supplier details button

    • If the supplier has more than one catalog, you will see a Supplier details button

  • Scroll down to see the recommended price margin

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