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For Suppliers - Weight and Price based shipping fees
For Suppliers - Weight and Price based shipping fees
Learn how to set up weight or price based shipping fees
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In Syncee, you have the option to set up your shipping fees based on weight or the final price of the order (or both).

Let us see how it can be set up and how it works exactly!

Once you have logged in to your Syncee Account, go to May Listing -> Shipping Details

Now start adding your zones.

Name your Zone, add the shipping days and choose which countries belong to this zone.

Under Rates, you have the option to choose Simple rate or Weight, or price-based rate.

Simple rates mean that you can set up one shipping cost for your products.

With the Weight or Price based rates, you have the possibility to set up different rates for different ranges.

Once you click on Add rate, a new window should pop up.

Here, you can name your rate, add the cost and then choose which range you would like to apply this rate to.

For example, on the screenshot above, any order that is between the 5-10kg weight range will have a 15USD shipping cost.

You can add both price and weight-based costs as well to one zone.

Keep in mind!

  • If more than one condition applies to an order, the cheapest solution will be chosen.

  • If no conditions apply to an order, your retailer will not be able to place the order.

  • For worldwide shipping, you have to choose all countries and add the rates manually.

  • The weight-based shipping is calculated based on the weight of your products! Make sure that your feed contains them!

Please add the conditions and ranges carefully so one condition would not belong to two separate rates.

Incorrect way:

  • 0-10 kg

  • 10-25 kg

  • 25 kg and up

Correct way:

  • 0-9.99 kg

  • 10-24.99 kg

  • 25 kg and up

Should you have any questions or need any assistance, let us know via the in-app chat or e-mail at

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