Please check this product example from our Marketplace:

"Price" is the cost of the item a retailer pays for the supplier (wholesale price).

"Retail price" is a recommended price for the retailers they can sell the product for.

Of course, the retail price in our Marketplace is only a recommendation; you can modify the price margin if you wish.

It means that the products will not be upload to your store with these prices.

You create your retail price (selling price) when you add a margin to the wholesale price.

To add a margin, please go to "My catalogs," choose the required catalog, and go to "Catalog pricing."

On this page, you have the opportunity to add a price margin in % or a fixed amount.

Let’s see an example:

You have a product which is 50.00 EUR in your file, but you want to add a 100% price margin, so you want to sell it in your Shopify store for 100.00 EUR.

Alternatively: you have a product of 50.00 EUR, you can add a fixed amount of 50.00 EUR so that it will be sold for 100.00 EUR:

Please be sure: you always click to the button "Save" at the bottom of the page to save your setting.

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