#1 If you run your online store on Shopify:

When you subscribe to one of our plans, you pay the subscription fee to Shopify. As a result, you will be able to access the billing information and your invoices in your Shopify account.

The Shopify user manual will help you to find your invoices and your payment details: https://help.shopify.com/manual/your-account/your-invoice.

By going to the Billing menu and Invoices submenu in your Syncee account, you will find a link that will lead you directly to your Shopify billing page.

#2 If you run your online store ON ANOTHER platform:

Syncee manages your subscriptions, billing, and invoices in this case.

When you subscribe to one of our plans, you pay the subscription fee to our app. You can manage the related information in Syncee by clicking on the Billing menu that you can find in the bottom-left corner at the sidebar menu.

At the Subscription submenu, you can subscribe to any of Syncee's plans or change your current ones for your chosen online store. You can always access details and the status of your plans here. (e.g., how many products you use out of the limit, or how much you have to pay for your plan)

It is essential: each store requires a separate subscription plan with us. So if you have two or more stores, you will need to subscribe to a Syncee subscription plan for each different store separately.

At the Invoices submenu, you can check the details of your invoices.

Please turn to our support staff with financial questions if you do not run your online store on Shopify.

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