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What is a Syncee Catalog?
What is a Syncee Catalog?
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A catalog is basically a collection of the products. There are two types of catalogs in Syncee.

Marketplace Catalog

The Marketplace catalog is where you gather the products from our Marketplace you wish to upload to your store. In them, you can set up a general pricing, edit the products you wish one-by-one or assign the products to your store collections.

There are 2 different catalog types you can create:

  • Marketplace - where you select and add products to a catalog one-by-one using the Search Products menu

  • Supplier Search - where you selected and added a complete product catalog from a supplier using the Find Suppliers menu

DataFeed Catalog

A DataFeed Manager catalog contains the products you wish to import, or you have already imported to your store.

Once you create a product upload task using the DataFeed Manager feature, a catalog is created automatically for the task. There, you can check the products themselves. You will see their status - imported or not imported and if you click on the items, you can see the details of the products.

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