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Connect Syncee with Alibaba Dropshipping
Connect Syncee with Alibaba Dropshipping
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Updated over a week ago created their own Dropshipping platform to expand the services they can provide for their customers. Syncee aims to do the same by integrating the Alibaba Dropshipping platform to our system.

Apart from uploading products from the suppliers who are listed on our Marketplace, you have the option to use Alibaba Dropshipping as well and access to millions of their dropshipping products too.

As the platform is integrated directly into Syncee, you can go there in a few clicks.

How to reach the Alibaba Dropshipping site

  1. Log in to your Syncee retailer account

  2. Go to the Marketplace -> Alibaba menu

  3. Click on the Search Products option

  4. Click on Connect to

  5. Enter your log in details - e-mail address and password and sign in

  6. Authorize Syncee in your account for 6 months, which will take you back to Syncee

  7. In Syncee, click on the Go to Alibaba Dropshipping Site button

    1. You will see a notification that you will be redirected to the Alibaba Dropshipping page. Just click on Continue and you will be directed to the site

    2. You will not need to repeat this process later on, from the Alibaba - Search Products menu you will be directed to the website

Now, you are on the Alibaba Dropshipping Site's home page, where you can start browsing among their products.

Authorization needed

It is necessary to authorize Syncee in your Alibaba account to be able to upload products to your store from there. We suggest authorizing Syncee for 6 month so that you will not need to re-authorize often.

It can happen that you need to Authorize Syncee in Alibaba for one of the following reasons:

  1. You have started the connection process and logged in, but did not authorize Syncee yet

  2. You have already authorized Syncee, but the end date of the period you set up has arrived.

In this case, you will need to log in to Syncee, and then go to Alibaba -> Search Products.

There, you will see an Authorize button. You will need to click on it to complete the process, you will be redirected to Alibaba Dropshipping where you can select the period you wish to add the authorization.

Should you have any questions or need any assistance, let us know via the in-app chat or e-mail at

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