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How does the order process work in Syncee?
How does the order process work in Syncee?
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With the help of Syncee, you get access to millions of products from all around the world to upload to your store. Adding more products raises the number of potential customers in your store resulting in receiving more orders.

What happens once you receive an order that has been uploaded to your store from the Syncee Marketplace?

You have 2 options in this case, depending on the settings of your supplier.

Auto order enabled suppliers

These orders are marked with a green Auto order label in the Orders menu in Syncee.

When browsing the Syncee Marketplace, you can see a green Auto order label at each product available with the automated order synchronizing solution.

If the supplier of the products ordered has auto order enabled, you just have to go to your Syncee account and pay the orders there. The payment will be sent to the supplier directly.

Once done, Syncee forwards them to your supplier and synchronizes back the fulfillment and tracking information once they products are shipped out.

The status of the orders and the tracking will be updated for the following platforms: Shopify, Ecwid by Lightspeed, Bigcommerce and Wix.

The payments could be done via PayPal or Stripe depending on the supplier's settings.

You could either pay the orders in bulk or pay for the products one-by-one.

Suppliers without auto order

These orders are marked with a grey Non-auto order label in the Orders menu in Syncee.

It is possible that some of your suppliers do not have auto order enabled and you wish place the order with them.

In these cases, you could place the order on their sites at any time by following our guide below:

Should you have any questions or need any assistance, let us know via the in-app chat or e-mail at

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