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How to move products between catalogs
How to move products between catalogs
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It could happen that you wish to re-categorize your products, therefore move the products between catalogs.

Please note that this could be done at any time and you could move the products back to the original catalog with the same method as well.

This could be done only if the catalog type is "Marketplace" meaning that you have chosen the products one-by-one from the Search Products menu.

The steps below show how it could be done exactly.

  1. Go to the My Catalogs menu of the Marketplace

  2. Click on the catalog where you wish to move the products from

  3. Choose the products you wish to move by checking the boxes in front of the products

  4. Click on Actions

  5. Select Move to

  6. Choose the target catalog

  7. Click on Move

With this, the products are moved to the catalog you have chosen.

Should you have any questions or need any assistance, let us know via the in-app chat or e-mail at

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