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Basics of Syncee (for retailers)
First steps of using Syncee in your store
First steps of using Syncee in your store
In this article, we collected the important steps that you can easily follow to start using Syncee in your business.
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In this article, we have collected the general steps to help you get your online store up and running, using our application.

What is Syncee exactly?

Our app is designed to help resellers find the best products to sell in their online store from reliable suppliers all over the world.

Syncee provides product uploads and updates automatically and offers an automated order processing solution for online stores.

On our Marketplace, you can find millions of unique, high-quality products, and I can say with confidence that we have suppliers for almost all kinds of products.

Please see the most important steps below to help you get started.

1. Add Syncee to your Store

First, you need to add Syncee to your store.
To do so, please look for the Syncee application in your platform's app store, or you can find a step-by-step guide on how to install Syncee to the supported platforms HERE.

2. Find products to sell

Once you have added Syncee to your store, you will be able to source products from suppliers you find on Syncee.
Syncee helps you to add the products to your store from the catalogs you created.

You can create a catalog by adding products to it one by one, as you may see in the following article:

Or you can add them in bulk based on different filters:

3. Upload the products to your store

To upload the products to your store from your catalogs, the first thing you need to do is to check your catalog settings and optimize them to your preferences. After that, click on the Sync button in your catalog, once you have opened it:

You can learn more about your catalog and catalog settings HERE.

4. Get ready to receive your first orders!

At this point, the products are uploaded to your store, congratulations!

Set up shipping rates

Before you receive your first order, it is best to set up the shipping rates you offer your customers in your store.
As Syncee is a virtual fulfillment service application, we are not able to handle shipping services or create shipping rates in your store. These settings need to be done in your store admin, manually.

Or add the shipping cost to the products' prices

Another solution is, that you can modify the pricing rules in your Marketplace catalog by adding the delivery charge to the price of the product and making it shipping “free” in your store.

The detailed shipping information of the suppliers can be checked by clicking on the product's Shipping Information page, where all the shipping countries show the shipping time and cost the supplier added.
If the supplier does not work with our auto-order feature, you need to contact the supplier to learn about their shipping information.

5. Place and pay the orders at your supplier

Once you receive your first order from the products you uploaded to your store, you will need to fulfill it, using the solutions the supplier provides.
If the supplier works with our auto-order feature, you will be able to place the order with them from Syncee directly.
In other cases, you will need to go to the supplier's website and place the order manually.

If you do not find the products you are looking for, or you wish to use your supplier's files to upload the products, you can check our DataFeed Manager feature HERE.

Syncee works with Alibaba Dropshipping as well. If you wish to use Syncee to source products from Alibaba Dropshipping, please check out THIS article.

Should you have any questions or need any assistance, let us know via the in-app chat or e-mail at

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