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For Suppliers - How to synchronize products directly from your store?
For Suppliers - How to synchronize products directly from your store?
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Are you a supplier? Would you like to add your products to the Syncee Marketplace the easiest way?

If you run your online store on Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Ecwid by Lightspeed, Jumpseller, Shoprenter, or Unas you can synchronize your product data directly from your store into the Syncee Marketplace.

Benefits of integrating products directly from your store:

  • No datafeed file needed

  • No manual upload needed

  • Always up-to-date product data on the Syncee Marketplace and in your retail partners' store based on the product data in your store

  • Automatic product uploads & updates

  • Automated order data synchronization (except for Jumpseller)

  • You can modify the products' prices in bulk if you want to offer them on a lower price on the Syncee Marketplace

  • You can filter which products you want to list/display/sell on the Syncee Marketplace

How to connect your store to Syncee?

It is super easy to connect your store to Syncee and synchronize your products directly from it. Click on the platform you are using for a detailed description.

If you haven't yet connected your store to Syncee but you already created a Syncee account, you can also add your store in the app. For this, click on your account name in the bottom left corner, click on the My Shops menu and connect your store instantly.

How to synchronize products?

  1. Step: If you installed Syncee to your store already to sync product data directly from it, you have a task created by default. Go to the Product Listing > Automatic product listing menu and click on the name of your task to enter it.

  2. Step: After you enter your task, click on the Upload, Save, and then on the Save and Next button. You do not have to modify the settings on this page that have been automatically applied to you.

  3. Step: You can decide which products you would like to upload to the Syncee Marketplace. If you do not set anything, all products from your store will be uploaded.

    To filter the items, click on the Add group button, then to the blue plus icon, and add the filter settings based on your preferences.

    If you are ready, click on the Save and next button.

  4. Step: Fill out the form with your company and product details. Most information from here will be shown in your Syncee Marketplace listing.

    If you are ready, click on the Save and next button.

  5. Step: Match your own product categories to Syncee categories. It is important so that your products can appear in relevant categories on the Syncee Marketplace.

    If you are ready, click on the Save and next button.

  6. Step: Set pricing rules here if you want to offer your products at a different price to retailers, and not at the price you have in your store. You can set it in percentage or in fixed amount, in bulk.

    If you are ready, click on the Finish button.

  7. Step: We always review new supplier applications. Please wait for our email about your status. If we have any questions, we will let you know about it.

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