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How to work with vidaXL via Syncee?
How to work with vidaXL via Syncee?
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Start Dropshipping vidaXL Products with Syncee

Start your dropshipping business today with the American vidaXL, and it’s massive product variety! With the help of Syncee, this is made much easier for you. Free and fast shipping is available in the US on all products.

Adding products to your online store is made effortless with Syncee and keeping all necessary product data up-to-date is completely automatic. The B2B application also helps with automated order data synchronization.

A large assortment of Home & Garden and DIY items of vidaXL are waiting for you on the Syncee Marketplace. Freshen up your online store with products by conveniently uploading in bulk or one-by-one. Start your business now, and expand your product portfolio on the market to increase demand!

Do not forget: MORE quality products in your store means MORE orders!

Steps of Filling Your Store with vidaXL Products

To add vidaXL products from Syncee Marketplace to your online store in bulk, just follow the easy steps below! If you wish to add products one-by-one, check Syncee’s Help Center.

1. Install Syncee to Your Online Store

Choose the e-commerce platform you run your online store on and install Syncee. You can find the application Syncee - Global Dropshipping on each platforms’ AppStore.

2. Find vidaXL on Syncee Marketplace

Once you have installed Syncee to your store, log in to the app and click on the Find Suppliers menu under the Marketplace menu on the left. There, filter the “Supplier” search criteria to “vidaXL USA'' and press the Search button.

If you scroll down, you should see vidaXL’s listing on Syncee Marketplace.

By clicking on the Catalog and supplier details button, you could confirm the listing details of vidaXL along with the discount provided as well as the Shipping information. By hovering the mouse over the “i” icon, you could confirm where vidaXL ships to.

Please note that vidaXL offers free shipping within the United States.

You can close this window by clicking on “Close” in the lower right corner to get back to the search.

3. Create a Product Catalog of vidaXL Products in Syncee

Click on the View all products button now to see all listed vidaXL products.

You could use the filter groups to include or exclude products from the listing now (or you could do it later as well).

vidaXL has 3500+ products listed on the Syncee Marketplace. You could upload all of these products to your store or if you wish to sell only certain types of products, you could just use the filters.

Once you have finished setting up the filters, click on “Use this supplier’s products”.

You will see a popup window where you have to agree on the requirements thereby checking the box and then clicking on the Got it button.

Name your catalog and set up the margin (by default, it is the supplier’s suggested margin).

4. Subscribe to a Syncee Plan

Our Starter Plan allows you to browse among 7 million+ dropshipping products on Syncee Marketplace, and to collect what you love. Prepare your catalog with products you want to sell, either you use our Marketplace or DataFeed solutions, and upgrade your plan to import products to your store!

Syncee offers a 14-day FREE trial on all monthly plans.* During the trial period, you can upload products to your online store and access all features available in your chosen plan.

If you want to upload products into your store, pick another package of Syncee. Choose a plan that matches the number of products you would like to manage in the application. Subscribe to a plan at the Billing menu that you can find in the bottom-left corner of the sidebar, and pick a Marketplace plan there!

5. Upload the Products to Your Store

Go to the Marketplace > My Catalogs menu and click on the Sync button at the vidaXL catalog to upload the products to your online store. Done! :)

Syncee will automatically update your products more times a day!

5+1. Did an Order Arrive? Place it with the Auto Order Feature!

Once an order arrives, you should find the order under the Orders menu in Syncee.

Here, choose which product(s) you would like to pay and order.

Click on the “Pay now” button to proceed to checkout and choose to pay via PayPal or by Credit/Debit Card.

Should you have any questions or need any assistance, let us know via the in-app chat or e-mail at

*If you run your store on Wix, the free trial is not available.

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