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For Suppliers - Requirements for Listed Suppliers
For Suppliers - Requirements for Listed Suppliers
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We are happy you have become our supplier partner in Syncee Marketplace. If you want to be a successful vendor in our system, please read our requirements on how to do so. Offering your products to retailers is a big responsibility, that is why we want to make sure you get all the help needed for the process. We want both suppliers and retailers to be satisfied with the experience they gain in Syncee.

Conditions you must meet once you become a listed supplier:

#1 Give feedback to retailers in 2 days at most

Quick feedback is crucial if you want to have a great relationship with your retail clients. If they have any questions about your products, orders, or there is any issue, giving a reply in a few hours, or a maximum of 2 days is important! They can contact you via Syncee’s in-app retailer-supplier chat, via regular email, social media or phone.

#2 Answer Syncee support’s questions in 2 days

We do not spam you. When you receive an email from Syncee we send it because we have important questions for you. We appreciate your quick feedback.

#3 Manage retailers’ status in 2 days

Do you have the pre-approval process set in Syncee? Do you let only those retailers sell your products who you approve? In this case, please change the new retailers’ status (approved/rejected) in 2 days at the most.

#4 Fulfill your orders in time

If you have the Auto Order set in Syncee the order data and payment will be synchronized to your store admin from the retailer. Please fulfill these orders in a short time. If you are a supplier without the Auto Order set, retailers will go to your website to place the orders.

#5 Let us know if you want to modify which products to integrate

We suggest not to start modifying your task in Syncee yourself if you want to change which products should be listed. Let us know about it, we are happy to help for a smooth run!

#6 Do not change the discount in Syncee without letting us know

Let us know if you wish to change the amount of discount you provide retailers from your store prices. We ask you to do so because further settings may be required, or significant changes would cause inconvenience for some retailers.

If you do not meet our requirements during your activity in Syncee as a supplier, we will first notify you, then if there is no feedback from you, we will consider removing your listing from Syncee Marketplace.

Should you have any questions or need any assistance, let us know via the in-app chat or e-mail at

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