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What is an Alibaba Catalog?
What is an Alibaba Catalog?
A catalog contains the products you want to import into your store
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A catalog contains the products you wish to import to your store, the products are collected into catalogs from the Import List. This is where the magic happens, the last step of uploading the products you collected from Alibaba to your store.

You have already browsed the products and chosen what you wanted to add to your store, and created the catalog from your Import List. Now, what happens with this catalog?

First of all, let's locate the catalog by going to Alibaba -> My Catalogs.

You can do the following in the catalog to suit your needs:

  1. Change what the catalog does in different scenarios

  2. Choose what should be kept updated by the catalog

  3. Map the categories to your collections

  4. Set your pricing

  5. Use the Product Editor

  6. Rename variant names and values

Once you have set up your catalog as you wish, you just have to click on Sync and start uploading the products to your store!

To learn more about the different catalog settings and options, check out our article here.

Should you have any questions or need any assistance, let us know via the in-app chat or e-mail at

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