Squarespace specific catalog settings
Here you can see what the Squarespace specific catalog settings are
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In the following articles you can find more about how you can manage your products in the Syncee Marketplace:

When you open the catalog and go to the “Catalog settings” you will see all the options that are available for your catalog

The first section that you see is the “Update options”, in this part you can set the fields that you want to update on a regular basis.

What shall we do with the products that are not available?

If a product is not available on the supplier site here you can set how Syncee should manage them. The first is that we hide these products in your store meaning we set the product to not visible in the store and your customers will not see it.

The second option is that we can set the product quantity to 0. In this case, your products will be visible in your store, but they will be shown as out of stock.

The last option is if you want Syncee to delete these products that are not available at the supplier.

What shall we do with the products that have 0 quantity?

At this part, we have the same options as in the previous setting, but here we can manage those products that have 0 quantity on the supplier side.

What should Syncee do with those variants that are not available anymore?

Here we can manage the variants that are not available at the supplier.

The two options that you can set are to “Set the quantity to 0” or to “Delete these variants”. These work in a similar way as the first option in the list, but this is specifically for the variants and not the products themselves. For the variants we can’t set the visibility, this is available for the products.

What should Syncee do with those variants/products that have a quantity of 0?

With Syncee you can set the catalog to “Upload with 0 quantity” or “Do not upload” those products or variants where the quantity is 0 at the moment of the upload.

What field do you want to update?

This will allow you to decide which fields you want to update automatically with the catalog.

By default, our app updates the Status, Price, and Inventory quantity for the products.

Email notification

This is the last part of the “Update options”.

Here you can set what the catalog should do when the update is finished.

You can set it to send you an email when it is finished or to send an email and a report as well.

If you want, Syncee will not send an email after the catalog runs

The other part of the catalog settings is the “Basic mapping settings”.

Here you have a few choices.

Upload new products

Here you can give permission to the catalog to upload any new products or to just update your already uploaded products.


This allows you to select how you want to upload the products to your store. You can select if you want your product to be visible after the import, or if you prefer to upload them and you will manually set them to be published.


In this part, you can set in our app, if you want to allow your customers to purchase the products even if they have 0 quantity. You can choose from 3 options. The first is the “Supplier default” with this set, your products will have backorder enabled if your supplier allows it.

The other 2 options will be “Allow” if you want to enable it even if this is turned off at the supplier side, or “Not allow” if you don’t want to sell the products in backorder.

Should you have any questions or need any assistance, let us know via the in-app chat or e-mail at support@syncee.co.

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