Once you get an order where the supplier enabled automatic order management, you could pay and forward the order to your supplier by following the steps below.

Make sure to choose your supplier as a dropshipper!

To learn how to do so, check out this article:


If you wish to pay and forward an order for a product(s) with auto-order enabled, please go to Manage Orders.

Pelase note that for users with the free Starter plan, the orders are not synchronized automatically! In case you are using the Starter plan, you need to click on Synchronize manually!

Here, choose which product(s) you would like to pay and order.

Click on the “Pay this item” icon to proceed to checkout and choose to pay via PayPal or by Credit/Debit Card.

The screenshot below shows an example of what you should see. VAT is added at checkout if applicable.

(All payments are handled via PayPal, and Syncee does not have access to them, meaning that PayPal should be contacted regarding payments.)

Be aware that after the order has been placed we cannot apply any changes in them (e.g., shipping address), and you would need to communicate regarding these with the suppliers directly.

After the payment is made, the Supplier will receive your order in their store and fulfill it.

Once the supplier sends the products, the tracking number will be found in your store.

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