How to update product variants in your store?

Here you can see how you can update product variants in your store using a file.

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It may happen that you wish to only update the product variants you have already uploaded to your store - such as changing the prices. For these cases, you would need to use the Variants Update menu.

  1. Go to the Variants Update menu of the DataFeed Manager

  2. Click on the Add New Variants Update Task button

  3. Name the task and choose which of your stores (domains) you would like to create the task for

    1. You will be directed to the Mapping page

  4. Click on the + sign and choose the connection type the DataFeed file can be reached from

    1. In some cases, an authentication will be required to access the file - in this case, enter your Username and Password

  5. Click on Upload

  6. Click on Save

    1. The fields from the file you uploaded will be displayed on the right side of the page

  7. Drag the file fields and drop them to the relevant areas on the left side

  8. Once done, click on Save and next

    1. You will be directed to the next page instantly where you can set your own pricing rules if needed

      1. Click on Save and next to go to the next page

    2. Under the Settings menu, you can add basic settings for your task and decide the appropriate fields where you wish to have an update

      1. Once done, click on Save and next

    3. On the Summary page, you can check the exact number of variants in the file

      1. You have the option to set if you wish to receive an e-mail notification and a report when the task is done

      2. Click on Finish

  9. Click on Run in the Variants Update menu on the task to start the updating process

It can happen that you need to replace the file you used for the update with a new one in case of manual file upload.

  1. Go to the Variants Update menu of the DataFeed Manager

  2. Click on the 3 dots at the end of the row of the task

  3. Click on File replacement

  4. Select the file from your computer and click on Upload

    1. Syncee will start processing the file which may take longer depending on the file size and structure

  5. Once processed, click on Done

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