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What is Approval Needed in the Marketplace?
What is Approval Needed in the Marketplace?

What does it mean when a supplier requires approval?

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Some suppliers on the Syncee Marketplace would like to approve retailers before they could upload the company’s products into their online store.

These suppliers check the retailer and sometimes send a message to them too to talk about some essential details if needed. If everything seems right for them, they let the retailer sell their items.

On our Marketplace, you can set it in the search field if you are looking for suppliers who need approval or not. Just click on the Advanced search field, and pick the option you need.

Sending the request from the Search Products menu

  • Click on the Add to catalog button at the product

  • Read the requirements and click on the Send my request button

  • Create the catalog by adding a name and profit margin to it

Sending the request from the Find Suppliers menu

  • Click on the View all products button

  • Click on the Submit your request for usage button

We send notifications about requests to the suppliers, and you will get feedback once your request is approved.

You can also see the status of your requests in Syncee:

  • Go to the My Suppliers menu

  • Click on the row of the given supplier

  • Check in the dropdown field if it is checked

    • If it is, your request has been approved and you can upload the products to your store

To upload the product after you have been approved, you have to click on the Sync button at the catalog in the My Catalogs menu.

Should you have any questions or need any assistance, let us know via the in-app chat or e-mail at

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