It can happen you do not need every single product from a supplier, and you need to sort out only those you wish to keep.

You can check this video to know how to use our filters in a Marketplace catalog, and you can read a detailed step-by-step guide under the video if needed.

To filter the required products out, go to "My catalogs" and click on the necessary catalog.

There, on the page of "Product listing," you can set up a filtering rule:

- Click to "Add group" then the + sign

- From the first scroll-down menu, choose, for example, "Category."

- From the next menu, select the required filtering rule to keep or exclude categories

- Then you can start typing the category names into the search bar

- Click to "Apply filter" to apply your preferences and confirm the changes

If you go back to My catalogs, you will be able to upload the filtered products by clicking to the button "Sync."

For further help, please check the animation below:

If you need any assistance regarding these steps, please do not hesitate to contact our free support.

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