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How to modify your pricing rules in Syncee DataFeed Manager?
How to modify your pricing rules in Syncee DataFeed Manager?

Everything you need to know about pricing

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It can happen that you wish to set up your pricing or make modifications on it. You can do so in the DataFeed Manager task directly.

  1. Go to the Product Upload menu of the DataFeed Manager

  2. Open the task you wish to work on

    1. In the Mapping section, you can set up the currency of your prices by clicking on the gear icon

    2. Click on the Save and close button, then on the Save and next button at the bottom of the page to apply the change

  3. To add a price margin or a rounding rule, go to the Pricing menu of the task

  4. Add the profit margin in percentage

    1. You can add a fixed amount as well in the used currency

  5. You can set up different price range values as well

    1. Different margins and fixed amounts can be added to them

    2. 20% up to 100USD and 30% up to 300USD for example

  6. Set up a rounding rule as well

  7. Click on Save and next to save the changes

If the pricing was set before uploading the products, these settings will be used during the uploads. If you modified the pricing after the products have already been uploaded, you will need to Run the task or run a Price update on it.

If you do not wish Syncee to update your prices as you would like to manage them in your store manually, you can disable the price update option in the task.

Should you have any questions or need any assistance, let us know via the in-app chat or e-mail at

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