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If you have not found a supplier in our Marketplace who can meet your expectations or your partner is just not listed here, you can also use a Datafeed file easily to create your products to upload them into your store.

You can watch this video to get familiar with the filling process:

Do you need further assistance? Please check the process below step-by-step:

First of all, please choose the "Product Upload" submenu under the "DataFeed Manager" menu:

Click to "Add New Import Task" on the top-right of the page, name your task and choose the shop you wish to import products to.

You will be directed to the first page, which is named "Mapping."

1. First of all, click to the + sign and choose the connection type the Datafeed file can be reached from:

In some cases, an authentification is required to access the file; in this case, enter your Username and Password, then select the file type and click to the button "Upload." When Syncee finished the loading, connect to the "Save" button:

On this Mapping page, you need to drag the file fields (on the right) and drop them to the appropriate fields on the left.

Please note that the “Filterable fields” is not uploaded to your store. It is for filtering purposes only in Syncee in the next step. You could map any field in here to use the values for filtering. Eg:. “To import” and “Do not import”.

When it is done, click to "Save and next" at the bottom of the page:

2. Under the tab "Filter," you can choose which products you wish to keep (or exclude) for importing.

Click on "Add group" and the plus sign to start adding a filtering rule:

Then from the first list, you can choose by what preference you wish to filter. In the screenshot below, you can see an example of how to keep the product types you want to keep. Do not forget to click "Save and next" at the bottom of the page.

3. After that, you can place the product categories into your Shopify manual collections on the tab "Categories" if you wish.

4. It is also possible to set your own pricing rules on the following "Pricing" tab:

5. On the next page, you can change some preferences depending on your personal needs. For example, if you wish to upload new products and update the existing ones, or update them, also, how to handle products that are not available anymore in the data feed file or that have 0 quantities, etc.

If you have set everything as you need, click again to "Save and next."

6. Finally, on the "Summary" page, you can check the exact number of the products in the file and the number of those products you have kept by filtering.

Also, you have the option to set if you wish to receive an e-mail notification and a report when the task is done.

When everything is done, click to "Finish," and you will be redirected to "Product Upload" where you need to click to the button "Run" to start uploading your products:

Should you have any questions or need any assistance, let us know via the in-app chat or e-mail at support@syncee.co.

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