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Find products on the Syncee Marketplace and import them easily one-by-one
Find products on the Syncee Marketplace and import them easily one-by-one

Learn how to pick products one-by-one in the Search Products

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You can choose products from different suppliers and create catalogs by picking the products you like. This way, you could choose exactly which products you would like to upload to your store.

  1. Open the Marketplace -> Search Products menu

  2. You can browse the Marketplace here to look for products you wish to sell. A few key points to look out for:

    1. Start a search with keywords

    2. Choose which categories you are interested in

    3. In the upper right corner, choose where the products should be shipped from or to

    4. Narrow down the search using the Advanced search options like product price range, dropshipping suppliers, auto order enabled products

  3. Click on Add to catalog at a product you wish to upload to your store

    1. Or click on the product to view its detailed view to check the shipping times and rates as well as the suggested Profit

  4. Name your new catalog and add your profit margin in percentage

    1. Or choose an already existing catalog

  5. Click on Save

  6. You can add more products to this catalog by clicking on Add to: [CATALOG_NAME] or choose another catalog to add products to by clicking on Change catalog

Now that you have created our catalog and added products to them, you could upload the products by going to the Marketplace -> My Catalogs and clicking on Sync at the catalog.

Suppliers requiring approval

Some of the suppliers require retailers to send an approval request before they allow you to import their products. In this case, you will be presented with a notification.

Click on Send my request here and choose which catalog you wish to add the products to.
Once the supplier has approved your request, you can upload the products to your store.

If you wish to add products to your store from external suppliers, you will need to use the DataFeed Manager feature.

Should you have any questions or need any assistance, let us know via the in-app chat or e-mail at

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