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We show details to suppliers and retailers as well in their Syncee account. Both of them can download the order details into CSV files as there are suppliers who can manage orders using these files.

There are more ways of how orders can be managed:

#1 You ask the retailer to place the orders on your website or via auto-order.

#2 You check the order details in your Syncee account and manage orders yourself. In Syncee (Manage Orders menu), you can change the Pending status of the orders manually so you can know you are ready with that one.

#3 You can export the order data into a CSV file and manage the orders like this.

#4 You can ask the retailer to export the order data into a CSV file on their end and pass it to you.

As for orders, payments, and shipping: you have to discuss it with the retailers via email or in Syncee's in-app retailer-supplier Messenger.

What about payments?

The retailers have to EITHER pay for the products on your website (if they place the orders there) OR they have to transfer the money to an account you send them if it is you who manage orders and they don't have to order it from your website.

Another solution is that you have auto-order enabled and the retailers place the orders using Syncee. To learn more about it, check the article on the link below:

We always notify you if there is a new order from a retailer who has your products via Syncee.

Currently, the most common way of managing products is that the orders are paid and placed in Syncee using the auto-order feature.

Should you have any questions or need any assistance, let us know via the in-app chat or e-mail at suppliers@syncee.co.

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