Once you have received an order from a customer for a product that you have from one of the Syncee suppliers, the products will be shown in the "Manage Orders" menu in your Syncee account.

Please note that for users with the free Starter plan, the orders are not synchronized automatically! In case you are using the Starter plan, you need to click on Synchronize manually!

The suppliers will be notified about the orders, and they will be shown in their account as well; however, it is not equal with an automatic product order.

In case of auto-order enabled suppliers, please check this articles:



You need to go to the website of the supplier and register (if you have not registered yet) and place the order manually for the product.

Just go to the "My Suppliers" menu and click on the name of the supplier. Here, you can be directed to their website or contact them through our in-app supplier chat by clicking to "Contact supplier":

On the website of the supplier, you can find the required product by searching for their name or SKU. Once you have found it, put it into your shopping cart to pay for it and order it.

It would help if you also discussed with the supplier who will place the orders. It is because some of the suppliers can handle it on their own, but some of them still require the retailers to do it.

These orders will be able to be exported in a CSV file, so if you wish, you can download it and send it to the suppliers directly if this is what you discuss with them.

Please discuss the order, shipping, and payment details with the supplier whenever you start selling a new company's products.

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