What is the Shopify Variant limitation

On March 14th, 2019 Shopify has introduced a limitation to the usable variants number for users to 50,000 along with a throttle limitation of 1000 variants per 24 hour period, once a shop has reached 50,000 variants. 

Please note that each individual product will add a count of 1 to the overall number of variants on the shop or for example, if you have 10,000 products and each product has 5 variants, you will have reached the limit.

There is no limit for Shopify Plus users and this limitation is on Shopify's side only, our app has no such limitations.

What can you do if you are affected by the variant limitation?

  • Syncee advises you to contact the Shopify support team about the limitation. You can try to ask them to increase your limit.
  • If you have a lot of products, unique enquiries, and you have already thought about subscribing to the Shopify Plus Plan, now it can be your time. Those who use this pricing plan are not affected by the limitation
  • Remove some products that are not selling to make room for other products that could sell better.

If you have questions or requests regarding this variant limitation, please contact Shopify support here

If you have questions regarding product uploads and updates, along with choosing the right supplier and Syncee plan for you considering this limitation on Shopify's side, contact our support team here: hello@syncee.io or in our in-app chat.

Thank you for your understanding. 

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