We provide a free Starter plan for every new client with 50 manageable products. 25 items go for the Marketplace, 25 go for the DataFeed Manager.

The Starter package ends when you subscribe to any of our plans!

One subscription consists of two Syncee solutions, and you can choose which one you would like to use. These are the Syncee Marketplace and the Syncee DataFeed Manager. You have the chance to use only one solution OR both as well! The two solutions have their unique packages and prices; different packages are needed for managing products in the Marketplace and the DataFeed Manager.

For those who use the following platforms, only the Marketplace is available and those plans are relevant:
Wix, Ecwid, Woocommerce, Squarespace, BigCommerce, KMO Shops.

Currently, the DataFeed Manager is available only for Shopify, ShopRenter and Jumpseller users.

The pricing is based on the number of the products and not the variant SKUs!

If you want to have those suppliers' products in your online store who we list in the Syncee Marketplace, choose one of our Marketplace plans:


  • Basic: 500 products - $29/month

  • Pro: 10,000 products - $79/month

  • Business: 30,000 products - $129/month

Every Marketplace package contains:

  • Daily auto-update

  • Order Routing

  • Free Support

If you want to bring your own suppliers' product DataFeed files to Syncee and manage the items with our DataFeed Manager, choose one of our DataFeed Manager plans:


  • Nano: 500 products - $19/month

  • Micro: 1,000 products - $29/month

  • Mini: 3,000 products - $39/month

  • Basic: 5,000 products - $69/month

  • Business: 10,000 products - $99/month

  • Plus: 20,000 products - $129/month

  • Professional: 30,000 products - $199/month

  • Enterprise: 50,000 products - $249/month

  • Enterprise Plus: 100,000 products - $499/month

  • Enterprise Extra: 150,000 products - $699/month

Every DataFeed Manager package contains:

  • 5 manual updates/task/day

  • one or more automated update(s)/task/day

  • step-by-step wizard to help you with the import

  • unlimited suppliers can be added

  • free support

A task means: a product managing process of one supplier.
Manual update means: you can manually start the task to upload and update the products in your store.
Automated update means: the task will start in a pre-scheduled time, it will upload and update the products.

If you want to use both of our solutions, the Marketplace and the DataFeed Manager as well, you need to pick the right plan from both!

Please note that if the amount of the imported products exceeds the number of products in your pricing plan, you will receive a notification about it in Syncee.

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