If you would like to create your JSON file or to view your supplier's file, we recommend you to use NotePad++.

Just add your JSON file with the method that suits your source, e.g., URL, Dropbox, or file upload, and fill out the settings. In this video, we added our file manually.

By default, Syncee will set the Source file type to Auto, but we recommend to choose the exact type of your source in case you know it. Click on the Upload button.

You will have to manually choose the starting node of your products, from where your product list starts in the file. The product starting node contains every necessary data (the product's title, vendor images, etc.) to create the products in your online store.

Then, click on the "Save" button to save your settings.

If the information you need does not appear on the right side of the mapping settings, please scroll back to the last part and modify the starting node.

If the product details are stored in multiple JSON files, you can add them to one Import task until they belong to the same supplier. (There has to be an ID of each product in every file you are using in the task that helps our system to upload the data to the right product. For example, it can be the SKU.)

Use this page to validate and check your JSON format.

It is important to emphasize that each file has a unique structure, so if you have difficulties adding it to Syncee, feel free to contact us anytime.

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