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Data feed file Sources - Import with file upload

Import your products with file upload

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Upload products into your store with file upload easily! That is how you can start it:

  • Create an Import task in the DataFeed Manager.

  • Click on the blue plus icon, and choose File upload as a connection type.

  • Drop a file into the file upload area, or click on the Select file button and upload your supplier's Datafeed file from your computer.

  • Make changes to the settings if necessary, and click on the Save button.

You need to know that:

  • You can use CSV, XLS(X), XML,JSON file types.

  • Be sure it is not bigger than 100 MB.

  • Be sure it is UTF-8 encoded.

Note: In the case of uploading a file from your computer, Syncee won't update the file automatically, so scheduling an import task will not work this way. To update it, you will need to replace the file manually in Syncee and run the task. Or you need to ask for a URL to access a file and add that as a file source.

Settings: All source types and file types have different settings in the first Mapping step. Usually, this should be set to "Auto" (or default values), but in some cases, some change is needed.

Every time you add a file, the settings need to be saved before you go to the next step. You can save the Settings section with the DONE button.

If your supplier gives more than one file, for example, 1 for the products, 1 for the inventory, and 1 for the pricing click on the blue plus icon on the top of the page, and Syncee will treat them as one complete file. You have to map the file fields correctly. The most important thing is that one import task must belong to just one supplier.

In our Help Center, we describe the settings options in all cases of source files, so you need to look for the correct one.

Should you have any questions or need any assistance, let us know via the in-app chat or e-mail at

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