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How to edit your profile settings?
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You can go to your account settings by first clicking on your name in the bottom left corner of your Syncee account, then clicking on the Profile menu option.

On the page where you will land, you will see a secondary menu bar on the left side. There you can see how we separated your settings.

Let's check what you can check and set in each submenu.


Here you can check and change the general settings of your Syncee account, such as Account information (e.g., Default language), Password, Billing information, + other App settings.

My Shops:

Here it is possible to select which of your online stores you would like to manage with Syncee. You can also add new shops here. On this page, you can also see details about your subscription plan's status.


If you want to add more members who can manage your store's Syncee account, on this page, you can add them.

Activity Log:

On the Activity Log page, you can see the history of the logging-ins into your store's Syncee account. You have filter options for the dates and types of activity as well.

Order Settings:

Here you can edit your billing and shipping information, addresses by the connected stores.

Search Settings:

You can set your preferred categories here. It means Syncee will recommend these kinds of products in the Marketplace in the first place.

Notification Settings:

Set which notifications you would like to get from Syncee and where. We can send you emails and in-app messages (Bell icon on the menu). We sorted these notification settings by Marketplace, DataFeed Manager, Orders, and Subscriptions.

Should you have any questions or need any assistance, let us know via the in-app chat or e-mail at

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