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How to edit your profile settings?

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It may happen that you wish to check or change settings regarding your Syncee account.

To do so, just click on your name in the bottom left corner - Gear icon and the Profile menu.

On the page where you will land, you will see a secondary menu bar on the left side. There you can see how we separated your settings.

Let's see what you can check and set in each submenu.

  • Settings

    • Find the general settings here, such as account information (the language of the app, password settings, billing information, onboarding settings)

    • Please note, the e-mail address can not be changed in your account, if you need to modify it, please let us know, we will be able assist

  • My Shops

    • Set a primary/default store if you have more

    • Change the default currency for the Marketplace

    • Add a new store

    • Check your current subscription

  • Activity log

    • Check the history of the activities of your Syncee account

  • Order settings

    • Fill the Orders Billing and Orders Shipping information

    • Select the store you wish to manage

    • Set which orders should be downloaded from your store

  • Search settings

    • Edit your settings for product recommendations relating to the Marketplace.

  • Notification settings

    • Set what do you want to receive email and in-app notifications about

  • Team

    • Add more members who can manage your store's Syncee account

Should you have any questions or need any assistance, let us know via the in-app chat or e-mail at

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