Import products into your online store from a Datafeed file easily using Syncee!

Once you added a new import task, you arrive at a page where you can set the file source and other essential settings.

Click on the blue plus icon on the left side, and then you have to choose the connection type, which means the source of the Datafeed file you are about to use.

Your options are:

  • FTP

  • URL





  • SHOPIFY (if you have more stores added)

  • JUMPSELLER (if you have more stores added)

  • SHOPRENTER (if you have more stores added)

Choose the type you would like to go on with, and click on the Save button.

Then you have to add your product data feed file. Please read our other articles to learn more about the specific settings for each connection type.

Additional information:

If it is needed, you can add more files to one import task (max. 5), but they need to be from the same connection type.

If you want to delete a source file, click on the red Delete button and type 'delete' in the given field.

(Please note that if you delete it, it will delete all settings for that particular file.)

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